Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fallen Crow

I was walking home a little while ago. As I turned to our lane I started hearing the caw of a thousand birds quaking the whole neighbourhood.

In front of the apartment-block before ours, was lying a fallen crow gasping for breath, in the searing sun.

For a moment I think, I stood there staring at it. Then I rushed home to see if my brother was home.He wasn't. I ran back. I knew the bird needed help. But I wasn't sure if I should touch it. So in our back yard I found a piece of a wooden board that was lying around.

Having laid this on the floor before the crow, I was standing there wondering how to get the crow on the pallet when thankfully a man from next door came to help. Unlike me, he took the bird in his hands, laid it on the board & carried it to a log that we use as a pedestal for a birdbath basin.

I hurried & got a bowl of water some of which the man tried to pour into the crow's beak. It was still gasping for breath.(That what I was hoping at least, that it was merely gasping for breath). Then deciding that there was nothing else he could do the man walked away. I thanked him & just stood there with the bowl of water in my hands.

I stroked its feathers a bit to see if it would shuffle. It wouldn't. After a while I gave it more water. When I tried a second time to give it water it moved a bit & tried to lift its wings. And it also seemed to be breathing with less difficulty.

Because I thought it was recovering I came inside & changed my clothes.And went back.

The crow had fallen back on the ground, dead.

I couldn't save it.  

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The supernatural

Hey folks!!

Long time no see eh? I've been busy.. But that's no excuse. Things I've been busy with? More on that later.

So here's the thing? Do you believe in the supernatural? the spooky? And no, I don't mean Sam & Dean Winchester or Bella swan & Edward Cullen or the rest. I mean real life supernatural stuff.

Like do you think that people will linger on after death because they're stuck in the great in-between. Because they no longer belong to our world, but for some reason cannot go on to the next one either.

Most people will cite religion to exemplify their point of view I'm sure. I'm not talking about what Buddhism teaches us. (I personally believe in rebirth but am to a great extent illiterate about the concepts, I'm ashamed to say.)Or what all other religions teach.

All I'm wondering is, is it out there? a separate dimension that is beyond our perception. Do people like in the movie 6th sense, die, but linger on not knowing that they have died. And do they knowingly or unknowingly cause the living trouble? Even if they don't behave like poltergeists, attach themselves to certain objects that they cared for when they were alive and don't want to move on.

Finally, when you hear stories about such happenings, do you say "hmmm, really?" and go on to narrate a story you heard earlier or say "nah, BS".

BookBaker out.