Monday, August 19, 2013

Rock-a-bye baby

Everytime I put my baby to sleep I sing him a lullaby. I keep on singing it until he dozes off and then I just hum it in an undertone.

But every single time, up until he finally falls asleep, even with his eyes closed, Baby protests having to go to sleep ( at least I thought so). He always goes "gnnnnnnnn" or "mmmmmmm" or " ahhhhhh".

Today, while I was putting Baby down for his morning nap Darling said "stop humming". I looked at him in wonder. What did he mean? Did he not want me to sing to the baby?

"Trust me". He said. "Just stop humming for minute".

I stopped humming. So did Baby.

I started again. So did Baby.

All this time he had not been protesting at all. He had been singing and humming along with me.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New resolutions

After Baby was born I've been kind of slack lately. I take care of him and that seems to be pretty much all I do. I've been told countless times by loved ones that I better get back to my usual self and not be a lazy, fat person who (in a moment of insanity) cut her own long hair short.

I have to start doing many things. I have to start taking care of myself. I just realised that I don't want Baby to have slob for a mother or for Darling to have a slob for a wife. They deserve better. I deserve better.

So it's time to start making some changes. Starting tonight. I thought if I write this and send it out into the universe that it might help me.

So what am I going to do?

For starters, work out everyday. Secondly try my hand at some craft project every day. I don't necessarily need to finish one every day, just make something.

Above all else, I just want have strength of mind.

P.s also hope that my hair will grow back faster.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank you,nose

I rock my baby for a good twenty minutes and he finally falls asleep when my nose decides that it is the perfect time for  a sneeze.

Not just my nose, something always seems to get in the way of my baby's sleep.
1) He's in my arms and I HAVE TO scratch my back.

2) I close the curtain. crrrrrreee.... go the curtain hooks on the curatin rail.

3) I close the window. The window latch goes click.

4) Someoneone has to use a wheelbarrow right outside the window. eeeooooeeeeoooo

5) I'm nicely lounging next to himusing the laptop. I click on the moisrpad.

6) It is right outside our gate that a van driver devides to brake. screeeechh....  

7) I'm cautious like a spy when I get out of bed and CRASH..  Topple the nappie bucket over.

8) I kiss him.

9) A car honks.

10) Our three dogs have a barkfest.

11) My mother calls me to come have dinner.