Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lead me not into temptation

Before you get the wrong idea, this is about food.

I've decided to go vegan. Twice in the past I have tried being vegetarian, each spell lasting about an year before I relapsed into my carnivore habits. 

This time, I'm more serious than ever, and want to make a life long commitment to not consuming anything of animal produce.

I'm alright with cooking meat. I manage it every day. I cook for my husband & manage not to eat it at all. Every day it gets easier & each day is one small victory. I have already switched to soy milk from dairy milk. I anyway never wore fur or used real leather. alright! so faux leather is cheap! who cares. A cow didn't die to give me a new hand bag! 

Anyway, so here is the afore mentioned temptation. I come my parent's place and there on the kitchen counter is my dad's chicken stew. (groan groan groan). I haven't quite got the grasp of how he makes it, I have tried & yet again I can't seem to make it just the way he does. The point is that, it's sitting there, on the counter. and I have already opened it & looked at it and kind of sniffed it. 

I will not eat it. Dhal curry is enough for me. 

And, if anyone's interested why I decided to go all vegan.

1. Every time I eat meat, an animal who has done nothing to hurt me, dies.
2. I'm hoping it will help me lose weight.
3. I was fine with dairy products before, but I've realised that the milk we consume does not come from free cows grazing in green pastures giving us their milk because they have it of abundance. They do it by being forced to, with tubes attached to their udders for extracting milk. I'd like to see women do it!
4. Even if my skin is lightly bruised, I hurt. I don't want handbags,dresses, shoes or anything else made from the skin of someone else.

Watch this video please.

There. Resolution renewed. Will not eat meat. Period.

See you later.

BookBaker Out.