Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Delusions of a new housewife

I aspire a lot. Whether my aspirations realise or not is another matter altogether.

When my husband & I moved into a place of our own a few months ago, I had all sorts of grand plans. And mind you, everything D.I.Y too. Fix up the garden, bake regularly, wake up before the sun & cook, mop the floor every morning etc etc etc.

This long and industrious list also includes menu planning for every week & preparing a grocery list. While some of the others above I might not have achieved yet, ( Mopping the floor every day! It's not a healthy goal, mind wise) every week I do plan ahead what to cook for the coming week & make a grocery list. That way we don't end buying things we don't need & minimises impulsive buying.

So here's where I went wrong. When we moved in we stocked up the pantry by me spending one whole day at Cargills. Then, the first few weeks, we bought all our groceries from Keells in the neighbouhood.  Prices aren't too bad.  Can buy pretty much everything from the same place. You know the merits.

Then a funny thing happened. Delusions of austerity. I thought it was too much of grandeur to be shopping at super markets.

"Look at all those people shopping at the Sunday pola. Darling can you take me to the Manning market? Thousands of people shop at the Manning Market!, No?, How about the economic centre in  Narahenpita then? Nugegoda pola is good, let's go there"

My indulging husband took me to both the economic centre and the Nugegoda daily pola. But of course we always had to go to Cargills to buy other house hold stuff after buying vegetables & such from the pola.

He outright refused to take me to the Manning market. I have never set foot in there. But really really want to.

At first prices seemed fair, the merchandise good, the vegetables fresh and I thought one could find anything one wanted in the pola.

Particularly, the Nugegoda pola has a meat stand which sells sausages and such for half the price of that of Cargills or Keells. Also, the fruit vendor wasn't very strict about the weight of the fruit when he charged us.

Last Sunday night, we went to the pola again. Here's where my delusions shattered. I bought garlic at the pola for 300 Rupees for a kilo.  And a kilo of tomatoes at the pola was 80 Rupees.

We crossed the road & went into Cargills.
a kilo of garlic was 199 Ruppes & a kilo of tomatoes was 40 rupees.

There. That was it. All because I thought I was being too grand to shop at the Supermarket while others were shopping at the pola. Learned my lesson. Grandeur apparently is good. It's definitely good for me. Not to sound snotty or anything.