Monday, October 7, 2013


I have this habit. I tend to bitch about people. No. I don't usually use bad words, but in this case it's the only one that fits.

If someone does something that I don't agree with, don't like, that makes me uncomfortable etc etc I talk bad about them with those who are closest to me.

The worst is that I bitch about my closest with each of them too.

I just realised what a bi*** I'm being.

It's not cool. It needs to be broken.

Also why waste life complaining about one person to another.

What if I found that someone was bitching about me to another. I would be heart broken. So would the subjects of my complaints.


Self criticism and finding that one falls short of ideal is never easy. But well, here I am bitching about myself and not another.

It's a start right?

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