Monday, August 19, 2013

Rock-a-bye baby

Everytime I put my baby to sleep I sing him a lullaby. I keep on singing it until he dozes off and then I just hum it in an undertone.

But every single time, up until he finally falls asleep, even with his eyes closed, Baby protests having to go to sleep ( at least I thought so). He always goes "gnnnnnnnn" or "mmmmmmm" or " ahhhhhh".

Today, while I was putting Baby down for his morning nap Darling said "stop humming". I looked at him in wonder. What did he mean? Did he not want me to sing to the baby?

"Trust me". He said. "Just stop humming for minute".

I stopped humming. So did Baby.

I started again. So did Baby.

All this time he had not been protesting at all. He had been singing and humming along with me.

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